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CORPUS DELICTI – Plaster objects
Plaster objects, pigments, talc – different formats – 2007


The body as the epitome of the corpus delicti, object and tool of violence in many respects. TARGET - CRIME SCENE - HOSTAGE - VICTIM - WITNESS. The body remembers the crime. The scars, whether on the skin, in the soul or in the neurobiological processes, run through the lives of the victims as visible fractures and bear lasting witness.

I used various media to explore the vulnerability of the female body in particular. For the plaster objects, plaster negatives were taken from different parts of the body, broken and then new positives were cast from the breaks.

In the presentation loop TATORT, the slides alternate at maximum speed in an endless loop between white writing on a black background and black writing on a white background. The slides show the words 'body' - 'crime scene' - 'victim' - 'target' - 'hostage' - 'witness' - 'means' - 'weapon' and thus describe the different possible roles of the body in connection with physical violence. The high speed of the changes of foils and contrasts causes an altered perceptual processing that resembles dissociative reactions during traumatic experiences.


CORPUS DELICTI – Tatort (Crime scene)
Text sequences in an endless loop - medium presentation software – 2007