Works / Journey / Early Travels

RØMØ, 1997

Rømø – oil on laminated cardboard – 86.5 x 103 cm – 2000
Scrabble at the beach – oil on MDF-plate – 50 x 100 cm – 2000

Frühe Reisen - Zwischen Birni-NKonni und Jos Nigeria

Somewhere between Birni-N’Konni and Jos, Nigeria
Oil on paper – 26 x 46 cm – 1988

Tamanrasset, 5. Februar 1980


At the age of 21, I set off from Hamburg in the direction of Africa. With a Peugeot 504, we first went to Paris, from there over night-time country roads to Marseille and onto the ferry to Tunis. Via Bouchebka we entered Algeria and reached the Hoggar via the asphalt road, where the sandy road began in Tamanrasset. Finally, I reached Niamey in Niger, from where we continued on corrugated iron roads towards Ouagadougou in what was then Upper Volta, now Burkina Faso. In the small town of Kantchari, my Peugeot ended up against a tree after a violent bump followed by a huge pothole. I eventually returned to Niamey, drove further east with another globetrotter through Nigeria to Cameroon, where my journey ended. After 2 months and 6 days, I finally landed back in Hamburg. My soul took a long time to catch up.

Transsahara 1980 - Zwischen Niamey und Kantchari, Niger
Somewhere between Niamey and Kantchari, Niger
Oil on paper – 46 x 26 cm – 1988