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E-Mail aus Banjul - Reisebericht - Handgebundenes Buch


Travelogue in 28 emails and 35 photos

Ever since I had crossed the Sahara in 1980 when I was barely 20 years old, I have longed to see the desert again. In 2017, the opportunity arose and in March of that year, I set off in a Ford Transit van from Schleswig-Holstein in the direction of Gambia. I had 8,000 EUR in my luggage - money raised through charitable donations, destined for various aid projects in the West African country. In return, all donors and supporters were to receive daily updates of the journey via email, which formed the basis of my 'Email from Banjul' travel report.

The content describes my exciting journey through seven countries on two continents, my experiences as a participant in a so-called 'charity rally' and my visits to the aid projects in The Gambia.


Travelogue with route map and bonus track: 'How to raise 8.000 EUR donations'
Hand bound book, 82 pages and 37 full-page photos in DIN A4 landscape format
Edition of 15 copies, signed and numbered, 2020

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