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Untold Stories

UNTOLD STORIES - Installation, plaster sculptures, photo prints – 2021
Exhibition view Landdrostei Pinneberg, 2021


The theme of UNTOLD STORIES is the limited and respectful visualisation of the untold stories that people carry within them. The work consists of plaster casts of mouth parts, with a focus on the closed mouth. The sculptures are complemented by photographs depicting open situations. Neither the masks nor the photographs can or should be associated with specific people or events, as this would anticipate the starting point of a narrative. The central component of the installation is space as an element. The unspoken is in the space and between the participants, who enter into a silent dialogue.

For my participation in the ERB:LAST project, I had dealt with the faces of people who had experienced the Second World War as children and selected photographs that could be roughly dated to the war and early post-war years.