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4 Series of digital drawings with text – 2020

In the drawing series of the FAMILY project, I try to piece together my family history from surviving fragments and remnants dating back to the Second World War. I am particularly interested in the family system: correlations, transmissions, repetitions and parallels, together with the effects on the younger generations.

The first 4 series are about my mother's family history. Only a few pictures and documents of her parents and brother have survived. Her own story was also difficult to piece together, despite the many letters and photographs that have survived. Where there were gaps in the information, I left gaps. It was more important to me that the story was factual, based on evidence, than to fill in the blanks with my own assumptions.

The more than 50 drawings are therefore based entirely on photographs, and where there is no record of a period or event, spaces have been left blank. The accompanying texts are carefully condensed, but in book form they are elaborated to ensure a continuous, unbroken narrative.



Hand bound book, 68 pages with 75 illustrations, format DIN A4 landscape
Edition of 15 copies, signed and numbered, 2020

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