Inkjet prints, pencil, watercolour, monotypes - DIN A5 (DIN A4) - 2013

The work is based on pencil, watercolour and text sketches from my diaries in DIN A6 format. More than 100 of the sketches were scanned, printed out and reworked/coloured by hand. Texts were added by hand. The sheets were catalogued by monotype with standardised place and date information. In this way, a time archive was created with documents that stand as codes for places, times and states or movements.

So Sketchbookdiary tells of times and journeys, external and internal. To Italy in the Maremma, to Tromsø to see the Northern Lights, of a hike on the coastal path in Wales. Also of times here in Schleswig-Holstein when spatial movement is not the main focus.